Photo: Brook James

Photo: Brook James

This morning i got back the master for my new single, Golden Age, and a wave of anxiety washed over me. I’ve seen this happen to artists before when they are taking risks, and what would art be without them? You see artist x make a folk album and then go on to make a disco rnb crossover record and their fans get upset. Sometimes just because of the change and sometimes because the new stuff is a bit sucky. (disclaimer: I didn't make a disco-funk rnb record, sadly)

The past year has been a year of growth for me, I am always creating, but also listening to new music that inspires me and challenging myself making things that would be a bit left field of where I sit.

When I was writing this new song I started to hear all these new sounds and my brain lit up with possibility. It is an absolute rush of ecstatic emotion that comes with writing something new that you like, and this is how I judge whether you guys will like my stuff.
I write basically every day and sometimes it does nothing for me, but with a great investment of time comes the possibility of a great outcome. There are no guarantees, but only the ones that really did something special for me ever make it through. 

When my collaboration came out with Just A Gent, Heavy As A Heartbreak, I was pretty blown away by all of your responses to the work we created, the fact that you didn’t dismiss it despite it being different, you completely embraced it. Between the two of us we were very true to ourselves as artists, his production is wild and has so much energy, and my lyrics and melodies were the same me that wrote the Banquet EP, albeit several months older/wiser (btw, we still haven't met in real life).

So with this song, Golden Age, I have been exploring the idea of bringing in more energy into my work. shh shh shh, don’t be scared, I didn’t go full Charlie xcx on you. I think it’s closer to what you might call a ‘banger’ though, but it’s my version of that, intricate guitars and delicate falsetto, but with more experimentation on drums and things.

I’m not going to be that guy that says ‘well suck it, I make music for myself, and i don’t care what you guys think’, because I really do care about what you think, I mean it. Sometimes the internet can be so lonely and impersonal with likes and things but whenever that light comes on saying people have commented and actually interacted with me and shared their feelings and vulnerabilities with me, I feel that little flutter in my heart. Because I think art can give us that platform to share our weakest moments with each other, and I love that shared connection that we’ve built together.

Anyway, to summarise, I actually think you might really like this song, I think it's the best thing I've ever made, but if it’s not your thing and you go around being like ‘I liked his old stuff, it was all chill and this slightly less chill’ then I have some other good news for you. I have also written some of the best chill songs of my life this past year and they will make it to your ears soon-ish.

Much love to ya my friends, and feel free to chat to me more if you want to, I’m really not so scary. 


LANKS (aka Will) x